The London Reaper's Game (His Butler, a Wonderful Life)

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The London Reaper's Game (His Butler, a Wonderful Life)

Post  MokieMorty on Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:08 am

So it seems you've fallen on hard times recently. In case you haven't realized yet, you are dead. But, no need to panic just yet! What if I told you there was still hope? We can offer you a second chance... For a price.

So, let's play. If you're willing to gamble that which is most important to you, be it item, person, or even your very soul, you can join the Reaper's Game. Overcome the Game Master's daily challenge, silence the Noise around you and avoid Erasure, and maybe the Composer will let you live.

If the Composer isn't feeling nice, however... You may just have to do it all over again. If you can't face the Game again, you're left with two options: Accept your natural fate, and die like the rest of the world, or join the Reaper task force. Rise through the ranks, and you just might GM one of these yourself some day.

So, how about it? Do we have a deal?

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